2015 The Year of the TEAM!

So proud of my “mentoree” team!  It seems they are having a record month!  Special cudos to Deborah Nettles of Albany Hypnosis Center in Albany, New York, who broke the $15,000 dollar month mark for February!   Woot Woot!


Kellie Smith of Studio City Hypnosis is also doing awesome…I’d be surprised if she isn’t doing just as well!

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Volumes from Vicky: Couples, Couples, Couples

What’s a couple? Valentines Day is right around the corner! And “couples” is of course, a theme right now. So, here’s what my dictionary says….
two of the same sort considered together; pair.
two persons considered as joined together, as a married or engaged pair, lovers, or dance partners:
They make a handsome couple.
any two persons considered together.
Mechanics. a pair of equal, parallel forces acting in opposite directions and tending to produce rotation.
Also called couple-close. Carpentry. a pair of rafters connected by a tie beam or collar beam.
a leash for holding two hounds together.
Fox Hunting. two hounds:
25 hounds or 12½ couple.
verb (used with object), coupled, coupling.
to fasten, link, or associate together in a pair or pairs.
to join; connect.
to unite in marriage or in sexual union.
to join or associate by means of a coupler.
to bring (two electric circuits or circuit components) close enough to permit an exchange of electromagnetic energy.
verb (used without object), coupled, coupling.
to join in a pair; unite.
to copulate.
a couple of, more than two, but not many, of; a small number of; a few: It will take a couple of days for the package to get there.
A dinner party, whether for a couple of old friends or eight new acquaintances, takes nearly the same amount of effort.
Also, Informal, a couple.


And, of course I’ve done this for a reason! Because I want to have a “couples” special! You don’t have to be married, or even in a “couple”. In honor of EVERY KIND of couple,

And I mean EVERY SERVICE! Think of the profound consequences of TWO people getting: release from ANGER, Anxiety, Fear, Guilt, or Stress? What about TWO people loosing weight together? TWO people stopping smoking at the same time? A couple of friends, or a couple of people who work together, or a loving couple. TWICE the power! Call now to schedule your FREE screening!
661-209-2632 for Lancaster Hypnosis Center
805-368-8353 for Thousand Oaks Hypnosis Center (and VERY soon, Ventura Hypnosis)

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The Toughest Job on the Planet


As a Mom, I can relate. Since my “babies” are adults, with children of their own, I can relate to THEM! Would you have chosen to be a mom if you knew the job requirements? I would. Here’s a special deal for all of the MOMs OUT THERE!

Call Rev It Up! Hypnosis Center (ANY LOCATION) and mention “The Toughest Job on the Planet” and receive:
1. A FREE consultation to determine what program is right for you. WEIGHT LOSS, SMOKING CESSATION, OR STRESS REDUCTION.
2. A $25 gift certificate for a 1/2 hour massage WHEN YOU COMPLETE YOUR PROGRAM.
3. Three additional hypnosis CD’s WHEN YOU COMPLETE YOUR PROGRAM!


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Holiday Stress? What again?


Every year I get those folks who find that they are noticing the symptoms of stress through this particular time of year.

No One Can Drive You Crazy…

…All they can do is give you the keys to the car!

Q: I love them, but my family is driving me crazy! I get very mad and frustrated sometimes and I can’t seem to stop eating at night. Is that emotional eating and how can I stop?


Q: Everything is so busy, I have no time to eat right!


Q: There is so much junk food in my office, and every where, what can I do?

A: Virginia Satir identified 5 ways people naturally deal with stress. One is healthy – four are not. What you are describing sounds like the distraction coping mechanism.
The subconscious mind uses distraction when it doesn’t want to face difficult emotions and turns to food, alcohol, cigarettes… all kinds of different things instead.
If you suffer from the pain of being overweight, this is most often why.
But there are two parts to stress: their stimulus and your response.
You can’t help what other people do. But you CAN alter how YOU perceive it and how YOU respond to it.
You can use hypnosis and the tools of emotional mastery to relax, look at things differently and handle them in healthier ways than destroying your body and self-esteem with fat and anger.
We’ll show you how.
Call us now for your free consultation and find out if hypnosis is right for you.

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Destination Destiny! coming to Savannah, Georgia!

Destination Destiny: SavannahImage

Wednesday, May 21 – Sunday, May 25, 2014, 10 am – 6 pm


5 days of intensive, accelerated training in: hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and the business of helping people! *


You will learn:

  • Rapport skills that will assist you in understanding communication and connection to your client (and personal relationships!)–to give them what they need to succeed!
  • 4 of the top hypnosis inductions to assist you in achieving high success rates for your clients – no matter what you do for a living.
  • Creative client care.
  • The 5 keys to innovative services that make a significant ethical contribution to human health, education, and social sciences.
  • 3 keys to successful marketing and how to use them.
  • 5 NLP techniques to create incredible change.
  • The formula for designing questions that get your clients to really tell you what they need, and the follow through to help them get it.
  • Practice with other students so you know you have the skills you need.
  • Business tips and simple formula to make back the cost of this training and
  • So much more!


* because we cannot predict your interest or action level, results may vary.

* Certifications are available to those who complete certification requirements.


Your first and second free gift! Because I truly want this to be the best training you have ever attended, I’m willing to give you a free half hour consultation before and after the training! Before you pay one cent you may have your questions answered.


Vicky Thomas holds a Doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and currently owns 2 successful hypnosis clinics in Southern California. She holds trainer certificates from the American Board of Hypnotists, American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and National Guild of Hypnotists as well being a founding board member of the Master Hypnotist Society.


This has allowed her corporate outreach program to open to speaking engagements, corporate stress relief, weight loss, and smoking cessation programs. Her medical outreach programs have focused on pain management, weight management, and pre and post surgical programs. Her small business coaching has assisted many business owners to thrive throughout recent stressful economy situations. Vicky Thomas has also co-produced and co-hosted 3 radio shows in the greater Los Angeles area.


Call for more information and to register!

Vicky Thomas, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Rev It Up! Hypnosis Centers 661-209-2632



Door price: $1777  


Today’s price: $1477


Bring 3 your training is FREE!

(Bring three friends who pay $1477 and your training is absolutely FREE!)

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New hypnotists wanted!


Today’s demand for skilled professional hypnotists reflects society’s more demanding lifestyle and environment.

The Professional Hypnotist Practitioner market is large, wide and varied. Stress reduction, smoking cessation, academic improvement, weight control and pain management make up only a few of the may hypnotic applications.

A convincing argument could have made that every man, woman and child in America would benefit from participation in and educational hypnosis program. Unfortunately this isn’t possible. There simply are not enough hypnotists to go around.

When you consider there is one lawyer for every 265 Americans compared to one hypnotist for every 64,000 Americans – the message becomes crystal clear. We need more hypnotists.

Making the problem worse, many of todays most skilled hypnotists choose to make their living in hypnosis from paid public speaking, seminars, consulting and teaching. America wants and needs skilled professional hypnotists now. Hypnosis widespread acceptance in the mainstream of education and human developement has created unparalleled potential for a career as a professional hypnotist. The absolute best thing about a career as a professional hypnotist is the gratification you get from helping people enjoy a higher quality of life. What could be better of more rewarding? To find out if you qualify for a career in the exciting and rewarding field of hypnosis, ask us for information about a school of hypnosis near you.

If you are genuinely interested in a career as a professional hypnotist we recommend attending a Master Hypnotist Society approved school. M.S.H schools insure your curriculum is complete and your training meets the highest standards in the hypnosis industry. When you learn from an M.S.H. school, you qualify to take the M.S.H. certification exam.

Call NOW. Why wait?


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The Facebook Generation(s)


The Internet Social Networking.

It’s a love/hate relationship, right?  You check your computer daily (or several times a day.) You have it on your “smart” phone.  You want to see what’s going on with your family and friends, but someone told you that if you post 12 times a day, you’ll increase your business.  Well, guess what?  NOT TRUE!  At a networking talk today this was our final topic.  And most comments were NEGATIVE! 

“No one cares what you are having for lunch!”

“No One wants to know WHERE you are 24/7 except of course your mother!  And even SHE wants you to grow up! Become a little more independent!”

“And what about __________________________________ !  She posts EVERYTHING!” 

“I wouldn’t know!  I un-friend-ed her because she posted every thing including bowel movements!”


So, my mentoring students are learning how to blog, AND stay relevant in this crazy world of social media.  And they are doing very well! 

Let’s go over YOUR purpose for social media.  Is it:

A attempt to grab on to free media? If so, focus on your business and slap a discount coupon up there, instead of sharing a sarcastic saying.

A true connection to your family and friends?  Not really. 

Strangely replacing the REAL moments of your life, like lunch with friends, or a REAL networking group?

What if you spent the same amount of time picking up the telephone, and calling your clients, family, or friends?  Hmmmmm.

Just sayin’

Dr. Vicky Thomas DCH


Rev It Up! Hypnosis Centers

Business Mentor

Hypnotist Mentor


Unless of course you have a picture of a floating goat!


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