1.   YOU SAID YOU WOULD!  Many of you made this promise…to yourself, your loved ones, your friends.  And you made a liar out of yourself.  Sure, you tried.  It lasted 2 days.  You smoked something else instead, but didn’t really quit.  YOU. ARE. A. LIAR.  (And, believe it or not you stink!)  But maybe you’d like to change that.
  2. YOU REALIZE IT REALLY IS AFFECTING YOUR HEALTH.  You wake up, hack, cough, hack, choke up a disgusting thing…and blame your allergies.  Nope.  WAKE-UP!  YOU’RE ALLERGIC TO SMOKE!  You’re body was NOT born smoking.  (And please don’t blame your parents who smoked!)  My father was a 3 pack a day chain smoker, and while I thought it was cool in 8th grade, I quickly grew up to understand I didn’t want that, didn’t need that.  (By the way, Dad DIED from smoke related “natural causes” at the ripe old age of 66.  I could have used him around longer.)
  3. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR BURNING UP IN $$$ JUST TO SUCK ON SOMETHING YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE OR WANT TO CONTROL YOU!   With the new $2.00 tax on cigarettes you are actually spending around $7.00 per pack.  Good Grief!!! If you smoke a pack a day that’s $50.00 a week, $210.00 a month, $2,555.00 per year.  (And ‘ honest here…most folks who tell me they smoke a pack a day, really smoke up to 3 packs, they just have a liars way of counting them.  (They don’t count when your drinking, vaping, bumming one from a friend, smoke by a campfire, roll your own, buy in bulk, or hide outside cuz no one sees you smoke. Oh, but seriously, they really don’t count if the sun comes up on the east coast, and you are on the west coast, and it’s still dark, and you blow the smoke towards the west while standing on one foot…that really doesn’t count!)
  4. YOU’VE TRIED TO DO IT YOURSELF.  (Ok, I’ll lighten up on you a bit here.)  It’s true, most smokers have tried the many do-it-yourself ways to stop smoking.  There’s the patch, which, (in many cases) actually increases the nicotine in your system.  There’s the pills, (which cause raging temper tantrums, and anxiety attacks) and of course cold turkey, which you will say worked until your wife/husband/kid/dog, ticked you off and so you HAD to smoke.
    • “I left the office that first day with a feeling I had not had in years, HOPE!  I became a non-smoker in the first session.  The follow-ups gave me so much more control.” Sandy, Lancaster, CA.
    • “You started me on the path to living healthier.  It’s been a year and I am smoke free, AND 20 pounds lighter. I am extremely proud!” Patti Fee
    • “I quit smoking immediately after my first session, boy, was I surprised!”  Val Jones
    • “I smoked 3 packs a day and have smoked for 55 years.  I quit that first session.  But I didn’t believe it.  So I NEEDED the follow ups.  They kept me believing in myself!  It’s been 8 weeks and no smoking.  Even my Dr. didn’t believe it.  I’m a believer!  I’m passing on your cards to my cardiologist, my oncologist, and my primary care physician!  Thank-you!  Hypnosis made it easy.”  Connie, Lancaster, CA.
  6. NOW, is the time to call.  And here’s a special deal to encourage you:

    • CALL NOW: 661-209-2632

  7. YOU ARE WORTH IT!  We offer a FREE 1/2 hour screening to determine if you are a good candidate for hypnosis.  No obligation, just call.

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How to Be a Hero! Heroes Help People!

After my last post, a few people asked about hypnosis training.  Here’s a bit more:

How to be a belief maker.  Basic Hypnosis is the beginning of a new career as a professional hypnosis consultant.

You learn and become competent in basic hypnosis processes and techniques.  Everything from hypnotic inductions to understanding the unique language of hypnosis.

The Master Hypnotist Society Basic hypnosis training is progressive in approach with the skill and knowledge to hypnotize with confidence and comfort. It prepares the student for more advanced hypnotic courses.

For many, Basic Hypnosis Training will be the first step toward a career in the high paid field of hypnosis.  For others, the training is a revelation in personal growth and pursuit of a happier, more rewarding life.  In both instances, your training is an exciting and fascinating introduction to hypnosis.  Well worth your time and investment.

For More information Call  661-209-2632

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I’m excited to announce that I’m on the go again!  February 24-28 I’ll be in Orlando, Florida for the MASTER HYPNOTIST SOCIETY TRAINERS’ TRAINING!  Let me tell you why I’m honored to be asked to participate as a trainer at this particular training.  

Not everyone is accepted into the MHS.  Members are asked in, and TRAINERS are vetted before being asked to train.  The MHS is not just about giving the information, it’s about teaching and learning the skill.  The Professional Hypnosis Training for the MHS is unique and different from any other hypnosis training currently available.  

Even at the Basic or Beginner level, hypnotists are exposed to superior hypnosis technique.  Emphasis is on skill rather than endless reams of obsolete information.  It is presented not by a mere hypnosis trainer, but a Master Hypnotist who ons and operates their own hypnosis practice and has documented real time, real world results.

Unlike most hypnosis  trainings, when you graduate from a MHS school, you won’t just have learned hypnosis…, you will have done it.

You can be assured the MHS will provide you with everything necessary to achieve ongoing growth in the exciting, fascinating and rewarding field of hypnosis.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Lead trainer at this event is Scott McFall.  Scott has been my mentor for 10 years, and what an amazing journey it has been.  If you are able to attend ANY training with Scott you are assured to learn all the time and every time.

If you are a hypnotist, wanting to ROCK your hypnosis business, please call for your free interview.  If you would like to learn more about hypnosis call for your free screening.




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Thank you Southeast Hypnosis in Houston!

Special thanks to both Julie Nise and Rose Hong Klein and the entire class of hypnotists at Southeast Hypnosis in Friendswood, TX.  Now, Friendswood is a beautiful suburb of Houston, so if you’re looking for hypnosis in Houston, please connect and give them a call.  We had an amazing class of new, advanced, and master hypnotists here this week.  Some of the careers we had represented were, Liscenced Professional Counselors (and hypnotists!)  (2), Sales Manager  (and hypnotist) (1),  IT Specialist (and hypnotist),(1) and Manager of Cyber Support (And hypnotist) (1).  And may I repeat, they were simply amazing!

Here are some of the comments I heard and the end of class:

“I already had my first client, and he was a pack and a half a day smoker, and after only 1 session, he dropped to only 1/2 a cigarette a day!”

“I know I can help a client from start to finish.”

“I was blown away by how much I learned!”

“Come in open mined and be ready to learn a lot of tools that will not only help you, but so many others you can help!”

and of course, my all time favorite,

“Dr. Vicky Rocks!”

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2017 Here YOU come!

Aren’t YOU excited?  Another year to grow, to earn more, to do more, to get excited about being YOU!

Not so exited?  Whaaaat????  You may need a dose of “come on in and let me help you set exciting goals for your future!”

What better time to schedule your FREE screening to understand how hypnosis can help you have MORE!  DO MORE, BE MORE!


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Who should take a basic hypnosis training?#hypnosistraining#hypnosistrainingVickythomas

Since training and mentoring hypnotists since 2005, along with running an amazing practice, I’ve been graced with teaching hypnosis to many people.  Here are some of the most often heard reasons these people have told me that they want to take a hypnosis training: 1.  “I want to learn hypnosis to heal myself.” While many…

Who should take a basic hypnosis training?#hypnosistraining#hypnosistrainingVickythomas was originally published on Revitup Hypnosis

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Who should take a basic hypnosis training?#hypnosistraining#hypnosistrainingVickythomas

Since training and mentoring hypnotists since 2005, along with running an amazing practice, I’ve been graced with teaching hypnosis to many people.  Here are some of the most often heard reasons these people have told me that they want to take a hypnosis training:

1.  “I want to learn hypnosis to heal myself.”

While many are in pain, both emotional and physical, the desire to heal and release issues of the past are greatly affected by hypnosis.  Miracles of healing happen in hypnosis.

2.  “I want to help others in a real way.”

From psychologists, nursing students, other medical staff, to coaches (both personal and athletic) to pastors and teachers, anyone in a helping career, hypnosis training is a set of rewarding tools that help others make changes in a real and successful way.  It is also effective in helping them to learn to help themselves.  You are not their savior…they must take action to save themselves.  This is truly how lives change.

3.  “I want a new career.”

Today’s demand for skilled professional hypnotists has increased dramatically due to our society’s ever changing, more demanding lifestyle and environment.  The professional hypnotist market is wide and varied.  From stress management to smoking cessation to academic improvement, we never run out of people.

4.  “I’m bored.”

This world, this amazing world leaves no room for boredom.  Hypnosis training can assist in opening a whole new world of possibilities.  Perhaps being a hypnotist is a career you can get excited about, or perhaps it can help you to find one!

5.  “I want to help my family.”

It has been said that an argument could be made that every man, woman, and child would benefit from their participation in a professional hypnotist educational program.  It has also been said that the best “trainers” of children are their parents.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had the skills to help your children learn exactly what they need to learn, when they need to learn it?

These are just a few of the reasons that students have chosen to take a hypnosis training. It should be noted that I am a Master Hypnotist Society trainer. What is a Master Hypnotist Society trainer?  MHS is a seasoned group of vetted hypnotist.  Each hypnotist is committed to helping each graduate secure a self owned and operated hypnosis practice.  We are committed to YOUR education.  We provide quality education and the technical knowledge it requires.  We also emphasize the business, marketing and management skills required for you to achieve financial success running your own practice.  While we cannot guarantee every student can or will become a success in the high paid field of hypnosis, we want YOU to succeed.  At MHS entrepreneurial skills, attitude and a plan of action are as important as the actual hypnosis practitioner training.  We place as much emphasis on your business success as the development of your skills as a CERTIFIED HYPNOTIST.   Have questions?  Call me at 661-209-2632 and we’ll talk.  Is hypnosis training right for you?


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